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Arsene Wenger Expresses Injury Fears Ahead Of International Break


Arsene Wenger has cast his concerns about injuries to his influential stars at Arsenal ahead of the international break.

The Frenchman’s fears have already been worsened by Alexis Sanchez’s injury scare whilst playing for Chile, and it is evident that the Gunners boss is concerned that his squad could be relatively threadbare following the next few days of action.

Although he has his issues with international breaks, Wenger has admitted he would never step in the way of a player who wanted to represent his country but has urged the powers that be to find a resolution that suits everyone.

‘When it is a competitive game I never intervene,’

‘When it is a friendly game, for example now Koscielny goes to the French national team, he has played every single game apart from the first game and France play a friendly against Ivory Coast,’ the Arsenal manager added.

‘In the second game, on Tuesday night, I can’t see the purpose of Koscielny playing that game. I can understand completely that he plays against Sweden but it’s difficult to understand that he would play the full game against Ivory Coast as we play Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain [In Arsenal’s next fixtures].

‘So if it’s not needed, you try to find a compromise to suit both parties.’


Although it’s without a doubt that Wenger is not the only high-profile manager to have complaints about the format of the international breaks, he is certainly the leading figure when it comes to speaking out about a manager’s difficulties.

‘Look, you’re always on the phone, hoping you don’t hear any bad news, especially after the game,’ Wenger said. ‘You look at how long they played, did anybody come off injured, you wait for the statements from the physio’s who are texting every hour.

‘Before you start the game you have already had a sleepless night after the international games because some of your players have been injured. Sometimes you’re angry as well because the play a friendly game, they’re already overloaded and instead of being taken off they still play the 90 minutes.’

Callum Connolly, Pundit Arena.


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