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Manchester United’s Top Five Worst Transfers

Not long to go until Manchester United continue their transfer spending splurge in January. Till then let’s reminisce over some absolute flops. 


1. Bebé 

The ‘go-to’ transfer when mentioning questionable Manchester United transfers, or in fact any terrible transfer in World Football. The Portuguese winger was the only play SAF signed without actually seeing him play. Based on some snazzy compilations Sir Alex snapped him up for £7.5 million with his old club Vitória de Guimaraes probably laughing all the way to the bank.

Bebé’s career highlights prior to Manchester United included the European Street Football Festival. He played just twice for the club and spent the remainder of his time on various loans.



2. David Bellion

Signed from Sunderland this was one transfer that was not worth the trouble. Ferguson was accused of tapping up Bellion when he was at Sunderland and as a result the club had to fork out £2 million rising to £3 million depending on appearances. The appearances clause was never an issue as after 24 Bellion was gone. He scored just 4 goals in 24 matches, not exactly returns demanded of a Manchester United striker.

One of the few things Bellion had going for him was that he was quick, very quick in fact. This was only goal for Sunderland but it must have been enough to convince United.




3. Eric Djemba-Djemba

The supposed heir to Roy Keane’s position. He lasted just 20 games. He was truly rubbish save for one decent goal against Leeds. After 30 poor performances United somehow managed to ship him out. Djemba-Djemba was known for living a lavish lifestyle that included a fleet of 4x4s.



4 Massimo Taibi

Played just 4 games but impressively, managed to conceed 12 goals. Bought as a replacement for Peter Schmiechel the pressure clearly broke Taibi’s confidence and he would never play for United again after that disastrous start.



5. Liam Miller

poor Liam’s career was ravaged by injuries. In two years he would make just 9 league appearances. Very much a ‘what could have been’ when United fans look back on his time with the club. He was another heir apparent to Roy Keane and had shown some remarkable talent at Celtic before signing, such as this beauty against Arsenal.



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