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3 Stats To Prove Why Liverpool Should Snap Up Wilfred Bony

Sturridge is still injured and Lambert, Borini and Balotelli have one premier goal between them. Bony is the answer and this is why. 

1. Liverpool Don’t Convert Enough Chances. Bony Does. 

In the Premier League this season Liverpool have taken 130 shots on goal so far. Just 16 of those have found the back of the net. This gives them a conversion rate of just 12.3%.  That’s across the whole team and right now forwards like Borini and Balotelli have 0% conversion rate. Lambert has a conversion rate of 9% after scoring 1 goal from 11 shots.

Bony meanwhile has a 16.9% conversion rate. Compared to Aguero who is the league’s top goalscorer his conversion rate stacks up with the best. Aguero may have double the goals but it has taken him considerably more shots to get them. He pips Bony slightly with a conversion rate of 17.3%.

2. Bony’s Link Up Play Is Better

Liverpool haven’t been the well-oiled machine they were last year. Too many passes have been going astray. Looking at the forwards, Bony again trumps all of the current completion rates. His 77% compared to Balotelli with 73%, Borini 69% and Lambert with 68% suggests a more rounded target man who can like up with the midfield.

This is also backed up by his number of key passes per 90 minutes. Bony average 1.17 per match compared to just 0.74 from Lamber and 0.66 from Balotelli.

3. Bony Knows How To Get Fouled

Sounds silly but Bony can win his team free kicks in dangerous areas. Just looking at the amount of free kicks He wins per 90 compared to regular starters Balotelli and Lambert the difference is obvious. He wins 3.09 fouls a match. That’s over double Lambert’s and nearly a whole foul more than Balotelli. That means extra chances to carve out goals which is crucial for a team who have been lack lustre from open play.


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