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10 Goals That Define Thierry Henry’s Career

 Thierry Henry has finally announced his retirement, thanks for the memories Titi. 


1. Unhappy at Juventus & still capable of beauty

He only scored three solitary goals in his unhappy and short-lived tenure at Juventus. Played on the wing he was rather ineffective against disciplined Itlalian defences but the talent was still there for all to see. He lasted just half a season before Wenger took him back under his wing, this time at Arsenal.




2. The first goal for Arsenal

Just look at it. He exhibits strength and finesse in this one. Two traits that Thierry Henry would define himself for. His first 174 goals for Arsenal and what a way to kick off proceedings.



3. The cheeky backheel

Give him space and he would score. Get to tight on him and he would score. Thierry Henry had an ego, a big one. Arsenal fans loved it and in return he gave them cheeky finishes like the one below.



4. One of many goals against Manchester United

Thierry made a habit of scoring against United. Fabien Barthez certainly didn’t enjoy playing against him when he was capable of finishes like this.



5. That solo run again Spurs

This goal would have been enough to cement himself as an Arsenal Legend, the other 173 goals didn’t hurt but this would certainly have sufficed.



6. That run and finish against Real Madrid in the Champions League

They were considered overwhelming underdogs in a match against the Galacticos. Nobody told Arsenal that though and Henry off the back of a Fabregas pass took a run straight at Madrid, literally brushing off Madrid players as he went.



7. The last ever goal at Highbury

The King of Highbury said goodbye to the ground one final time. Yes it was just a penalty, but it was the hattrick goal on the last day. A truly fitting send off.



8. Thierry finding it too easy in the MLS

Thierry seemed to find it too easy at times in the MLS. His goals were superb, his celebrations were understated and yet egotistical. This was just one of several fantastic goals he got for NYRB without really trying it seems.



9. Thierry surpasses Ian Wright

No. Words. Needed.


10. The return of the King

Not long after his bronze statue was unveiled outside the Emirate Thierry returned on loan and did this. One of the most emotional goals he scored for Arsenal. It also spurred some superb commentary ” He may be cast in bronze, but he’s still capable of truly golden moments.”


Sean Curtin, Pundit Arena



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