Arsene Wenger reveals some of the clubs who tried to lure him away from Arsenal

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Arsene Wenger has revealed some of the clubs that tried to lure him away from Arsenal during his 22-year stint as manager of the famous north London club.

Wenger will go down as a club icon and legend for what he achieved at Highbury and the Emirates. During Wenger’s time in charge, the club won three Premier League titles while they also enjoyed major success in the FA Cup, winning it on seven occasions.

Of course, he also oversaw Arsenal’s famous ‘Invincibles’ season which saw the club unbeaten during the run to the Premier League title in 2003/2004 – a feat which has yet to be repeated.

The Frenchman was also a pioneer of the game as he was the first to introduce new fitness, training and dieting regimes which were soon adopted by rival clubs in England.

Naturally, due to these achievements, Wenger attrated the attention of rival clubs and he reveals in an interview with the Daily Mail some of the clubs who were interested in him becoming their new manager.

Arsene Wenger: I’ve had offers from big clubs

“Maybe when David Dein (former vice-chairman) was sacked in 2007 that was the moment when I could have said bye-bye.

“I could have really hurt Arsenal had I left then. And I did have options.

“Real Madrid twice, Paris Saint-Germain two or three times, England two or three times. It was difficult.”

Wenger also reveals that he may return to management in the future.

“Yes, I’ve still got the desire to manage. I still think I can be useful somewhere else, that I can be efficient somewhere else.

“If the phone rings now, I would be tempted to say yes. I’ve said no before. It has rung. I’ve had offers. From big clubs, in the Champions League.

“But I was at the end of a love story of 22 years. It meant some suffering, some thinking, so I felt I needed time to reflect on what I did, what was right, what was wrong. I was stamped too much with Arsenal.

“It was like a grieving process.”

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