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Brady, Dunphy & Giles Choose Their Best All-Ireland XI

All-Ireland XI

The sporting lockdown has all of us thinking about some of the best players and teams to play the beautiful game. 

It’s a time for reminiscing and there’s a lot of comfort to be found in looking back at various legendary teams across all sports.

On Eamon Dunphy’s Podcast, The Stand, the Irish broadcaster was joined by his fellow former RTÉ panel members in Liam Brady and John Giles. Although the trio haven’t appeared on RTÉ together in a few years, Brady remains on RTÉ’s Champions League coverage.

All-Ireland XI
Liam Brady, Eamon Dunphy and John Giles

The trio, back on the airwaves together once again, decided to take a look at some of the best players to play for both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In doing so, they chose a combined XI featuring players both north and south of the border.

Interestingly, the Republic of Ireland’s record goalscorer Robbie Keane didn’t feature on any of the teams but of course, that man from Belfast, George Best, was present.

All-Ireland XI
George Best

Here are the teams that were chosen by Brady, Dunphy and Giles.

All-Ireland XI
John Giles’ All-Ireland XI Source: The Stand


All-Ireland XI
Liam Brady’s All-Ireland XI
All-Ireland XI

Eamon Dunphy’s All-Ireland XI
Source: The StandWhat do you think of them?

Who would you have in a combined Ireland XI? Please let us know in the comments on Facebook.

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Author: Sean McMahon

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