Who will England play next at Euro 2020? Here are their potential last-16 opponents

Here’s who England could play next, depending on what happens on Wednesday night.

Now that England have officially topped the group, they know that they will have the runner up from Group F in their Round of 16 game.

This will be determined by what happens in that group tonight, but ahead of the games, we are outlining what each result could mean for England.

Who will England play next at Euro 2020?

England will place the team who finish second in Group F – Germany, Hungary, France or Portugal.

If Germany win against Hungary, and France and Portugal draw, England will play France in the next round.

If both Germany and France win, England will play against Germany (due to France finishing top of the group based on their head-to-head record).

If Portugal and Germany win, Portugal will come second and England will face Portugal at Wembly on Monday, with France finishing third.

In the unlikely event that Hungary defeat Germany and France beat Portugal, England will play Hungary in the next round.

If Germany and Hungary draw, regardless of the outcome in the other game, England will play Germany.

Euro 2020: Group E.

As for Group E, which consists of Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia, the situation is potentially even more difficult to follow, so here’s what could happen there.

Going into the final game of the group stage (which will take place at 5 pm), every single team in Group E can still qualify.

Spain play Slovakia, with a win for either team guaranteeing qualification. If Spain win and Poland beat Sweden, Spain will top the group, with the same going for Slovakia.

If Poland beat Sweden, who have already qualified, they will qualify as one of the best third-placed teams.

If Spain lose and Poland win, Spain will be out of the competition entirely, and the same goes for Slovakia. If Spain lose at all they will be out of the competition.

If Spain and Slovakia draw and Poland and Sweden draw, Spain will be out of the competition unless they finish as the best third-place team. Poland will be out no matter what in this case.

To cut it short, Spain will go through if they beat Slovakia. They will also go through if they draw and Poland do not beat Sweden.

Meanwhile, Poland will only go through with a win. Sweden will go through regardless, and Slovakia just need a point.


Update, June 29.

*England will play the winners of Ukraine v Sweden in the quarter-finals.

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