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Troy Deeney says he is racially abused 30-40 times a week

Troy Deeney

He blames part of this abuse on Covid-19.

Troy Deeney has said he is racially abused 30-40 times a week online on social media.

The Birmingham forward told Sky Sports that he is regularly abused online, and that it has increased since the beginning of the pandemic.

Troy Deeney

Troy Deeney on racist abuse

When asked if he can be abused up to 40 times in a week online, he said: “Without a doubt yeah. I think Covid has contributed to that, if I’m talking honestly. I think people are fed up and annoyed, and they’re venting their frustrations at anything.

“It doesn’t give them an excuse, as it just shows who you truly are, if anything.”

He said that on Instagram, the racist abuse can come on a picture of himself, his wife, and even his kids.

He referred to himself as a “Marmite individual”, saying that some people love him and some people don’t, but that he doesn’t understand why the colour of his skin is brought into the discussion.

When asked how exactly it bothers him, he said: “There’s an angry Hulk kid inside of me that wants to smash everything, then there’s a side of me that gets sad. That’s the parent in me.

“If I was to react, and give the same level of abuse back, I’d be on Sky. I’d be everywhere. There’d be punishments for me. But there isn’t for those individuals.”

He also said that his young daughters are “aware that they are different to others”, and it has led to very “strange” conversations he has had to have with them.

Troy Deeney

The former Watford legend recently left his club to sign for Birmingham, after spending 11 years and making more than 400 appearances for the Hornets.

Deeney is responsible for one of the most iconic goals in English football history, scoring a last second goal against Leicester in the 2012/2013 playoffs.

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