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Troy Deeney discusses altercation he had with Harry Maguire’s agent

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Troy Deeney has discussed an altercation he had with Harry Maguire’s agent, after he made comments about the Manchester United defender on the radio.

Appearing on Ben Foster’s podcast, Deeney told his former teammate that he received a phone call from Maguire’s agent to demand that he not criticise him as much.

Deeney had spoken on talkSPORT about Maguire’s poor performances for Man United, arguing that the £80 million man should have been doing more for the team.

Maguire’s agent took issue with these comments, and let his feelings be known.

Troy Deeney on Harry Maguire’s agent

He said: “We spoke (on talkSPORT) about Man United and leadership and how it’s not just Pogba, because it was Pogba getting battered early doors.

“I said ‘what about the leadership’? What about Maguire what about David de Gea? What about all the senior guys, why is it always Pogba? That’s it, that’s all I said.

“I get to training, phone’s ringing with this number I don’t know. Two or three times this number calls so I think ‘god there must be a problem here’.

“I picked it up and yeah, it was Harry Maguire’s agent saying ‘you can’t say this, you can’t do that’.

“I’ve never said this out loud before by the way, but he said ‘you can’t do this you, you can’t say that, you wouldn’t say any of this to Harry’s face’.

“I said ‘hang on one second, let’s rewind. I have said this, I didn’t say that, but I would say it to Harry’s face, I’ve got no problem. Let me call him now

And Deeney did just that, ringing Maguire to try and find out what was going on.

To his surprise, the England defender seemed equally baffled by the entire situation, also questioning why his agent had responded in such a way.

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