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Tony Bellew jumps to defence of Everton owner

tony bellew everton

“We’ve got to be very careful what we wish for now lads…”

Tony Bellew has jumped to the defence of Everton owner Farhad Moshiri, amid protests from the Goodison Park supporters.

Everton have had a terrible season so far and now find themselves just four points off the relegation zone.

Rafa Benitez has been sacked as manager of the club, which was an appointment that many fans didn’t want in the first place.

His replacement is yet to be announced, with Wayne Rooney the most recent to come out and publicly reject the job.

Plus the fans are unhappy as a whole, disappointed with the manner in which money has been spent at the club under Moshiri.

The majority of fans seem content with the amount of funding that the club receives from the owner, with the issue lying with the decisions being made, and the signings the club have brought in over the past number of years.

However, boxing legend and Everton fan Bellew has said that the club’s fans should be careful what they wish for with regards to Moshiri and that he has backed the club “all the way”.

tony bellew everton

Tony Bellew on Everton situation

He said: “Farhad Moshiri is one of the best things that has ever happened to Everton Football Club. This guy has put in an awful amount of money.

“He’s put his money where his mouth is and he’s been backing us all the way. We’ve got to be very careful what we wish for now lads…

“Let’s not forget though that we are Everton Football Club. We are a big club, and we shouldn’t be where we’re at right now.”

Everton situation

This comes after Everton’s fans have booed the team on a number of occasions so far this season, while a planned-walkout was arranged for their home game against Arsenal back in December.

The fans planned to leave the stadium in the 27th minute of said game, to voice their frustration at not having won a trophy in 27 years.

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