Tim Sherwood says Crisitano Ronaldo played part in Bruno Fernandes penalty miss

Tim Sherwood Cristiano Ronaldo

“The main man is here…”

Tim Sherwood has said that Crisitano Ronaldo played a part in Bruno Fernandes’ shocking penalty miss against Aston Villa on Saturday.

Fernandes smashed an injury time penalty over the bar, after the game’s only goalscorer Kortney Hause was deemed to have handled the ball in the box.

Manchester United fans and football followers in general wondered who would be on penalty duty for the club with both Fernandes and Ronaldo on the pitch, and while it seemed for a second that Ronaldo was interested, it was Fernandes who took it, and missed.

Tim Sherwood on Bruno Fernandes penalty miss

Speaking after the game, former Tottenham and Villa manager Tim Sherwood says it was Ronaldo’s presence that “distorted” Fernandes’ thinking.

He said: “He threw the ball to Ronaldo in an international game and Ronaldo missed one… But he doesn’t miss that normally. You’ve never, ever seen him blast the ball over the crossbar.

“He always waits for the goalkeeper to go down and rolls it in the other corner. It’s the pressure now of someone else.

“The main man is here. 100% it has distorted his thinking there. He knows he’s got one chance and one chance only, and I think we’ve just seen it go by.”

Tim Sherwood on Cristiano Ronaldo

Sherwood recently left his colleagues speechless, after his bold prediction that Ronaldo returned to United with plans of being the team’s manager in his mind.

“This guy is going to play for as long as his legs take him, then he’s going to be the manager, I’m convinced of it.

“He will definitely manage and I can see him being the manager of Manchester United, I certainly can.

“I think he’ll bring a very experienced coach in with him and he’ll end up sitting in that manager’s seat. I’m convinced that he’s come back for a reason.”

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