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Thomas Muller explains where Germany went wrong against England

thomas muller germany

He said that Germany “deserved to be eliminated.”

Thomas Muller has explained where he feels Germany went wrong against England.

Germany lost 2-0 to England without really laying a glove on Gareth Southgate’s side, and Muller, one of their most senior players, has criticised the tactics going into the game.

Muller joins a long list of people who felt that Joachim Löw’s tactics were too defensive going into the round of 16 game.

Thomas muller england

Thomas Muller on Germany’s loss to England.

Muller wrote: “With our efforts to remain without conceding a goal through a rather wait-and-see, compact defensive strategy, we have de facto failed.”

Löw will probably agree with Muller’s comments, especially if his statement after the game is anything to go by.

He said: “The disappointment runs very, very deep. I’m sorry that we disappointed our fans and didn’t spark the kind of excitement we wanted. I take responsibility for our elimination, no ifs or buts.”

Crucially, Muller missed a one-on-one with only minutes remaining in the match. While England were only 1-0 up, Muller was played clean through by Kai Havertz, but he missed the target completely.

Thomas Muller england

Thomas Muller’s speaks about his against England.

The Bayern Munich veteran said that replaying that miss in his head “hurts like hell”.

On his Instagram page, he wrote: “This is the moment that gets stuck in your head and keeps you up at night. The moment you work for, train for and live for as a footballer.

“The moment when it’s all in your hands, when you can bring your team back into the game and send a whole football nation into ecstasy.

“Getting this chance and missing it hurts like hell. It hurts to let down my teammates and coach, who put all of their trust in me.

“But what hurts the most is letting down all Germany fans out there who stood by and supported us at the Euros, despite it all.”

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