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Simon Jordan continues to stick the boot in on Gary Neville

simon jordan gary neville

Strong, very critical words.

Simon Jordan has continued to stick the boot in on Gary Neville, as the fallout from the Qatar World Cup continues.

Jordan was responding to a monologue Neville spoke at the World Cup final, in response to criticism of the Qatari human rights abuses.

Neville made it very clear that he wanted to focus on things going wrong in Britain first, before looking at other countries who need to improve.

He said: ““In our country we’ve got to look at workers rights but when football goes, we have to pick up on workers rights wherever it goes because people have got to be equal and treated equal.

“That shouldn’t happen here with the wealth that exists. But it shouldn’t happen with the nurses in our country either where our nurses are having to fight for an extra pound or two pounds.”

Jordan responded by asking Neville to come on talkSPORT to discuss the matter, and referred to him as a “ridiculous hypocrite”.

Simon Jordan on Gary Neville

He said: “Gary is entitled to his political views and we know what they are, we know that he’s a card carrying Corbynite, Trotskyist nincompoop at times, but he is entitled to his views and he can do it on different shows.

“Like when he went on Have I Got News For You and got his head handed to him and he got called out for being a ridiculous hypocrite for railing the Qatari World Cup and the regimes over there, whilst taking their money by working for beIN.

“The tragedy of this is the idea that Gary Neville has some relevance in his [political] opinion, and tragically some people think he does.”

Neville is unlikely to go on talkSPORT to discuss the matter, as one would imagine that he will be looking to move past this conversation as quickly as possibe.

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