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Graeme Souness mentions Ireland in response to Roy Keane’s strong Qatar take

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“We’re not perfect…”

Graeme Souness mentioned England’s treatment of Ireland in response to Roy Keane’s strong Qatar take on Tuesday morning.

Souness was responding to an excellent piece of punditry by Keane, who tore into the decision to allow Qatar to host the World Cup, given their human rights record.

Keane flat out said that the World Cup should not be happening in Qatar, while speaking on ITV.

Roy Keane on Qatar World Cup

Keane said: “The World Cup shouldn’t be here. It’s been mentioned about the corruption regarding Fifa. But the way they have treated migrant workers and gay people…

“That needs to be brought up. They shouldn’t have the World Cup, you can’t treat people like that… We all love football and we’re on about spreading the game, but to just dismiss human rights like this is not right.

“It shouldn’t be here,” Keane concluded.

Graeme Souness on Qatar World Cup.

Souness, who had started this conversation by saying that no other country is perfect, referred to the way Britain has treated countries in the past, including Ireland.

He said: “Can I just say we’re not perfect as well in our history. We’re not perfect.

“You know the British haven’t been perfect in many parts of the world, and including in Roy’s country. We’ve been far from perfect.”

We are only on day three of the World Cup, and there has already been a number of issues for players and fans who are in attendance in Qatar.

Reports emerged on Monday night that Wales fans wearing a certain type of colourful hat were made to take the item of clothing off before entering the stadium, while there has also been the controversy surrounding the rainbow armband situation.

Roy Keane was also extremely vocal about the rainbow armband incident, which you can read more about here. 

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