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Robert Lewandowski explains why he is such a good finisher

Robert Lewandowski goals

“As a centre-forward, you can’t be afraid to be a little egotistical. That selfish streak is necessary for doing the job right.”

Robert Lewandowski has broken down exactly what makes him such a good finisher, and what steps he follows to ensure he has the best possible chance of scoring goals.

With 69 goals for Poland and 489 for the clubs he has played for, the Bayern Munich striker definitely knows where the back of the net is.

Robert Lewandowski goals

Robert Lewandowski on the art of scoring goals.

Lewandowski recently spoke to The Athletic and explained exactly his thought process before doing what he did with the ball.

“My first thought was to control the ball,” the former Borussia Dortmund forward said, breaking down exactly what he does before a lot of his goals.

“It jumped up a bit, which helped me adjust my feet and take the shot. Controlling the ball with your first touch can make up 60 or 70 per cent of a goal — the right touch provides you with space and time.

“The better your touch, the more time you have to look up, see where the goalkeeper is and find the right finish.”

Robert Lewandowski rituals

Lewandowski on free-kicks.

Speaking about free-kicks, Lewandowski said that teams putting a player lying behind the wall has made the job of the attacker more difficult in recent times.

“With free-kicks, there’s always a bit of luck involved. Sometimes, you score two or three a season, and sometimes none at all because you hit the post or the ball comes off somebody’s hair with the smallest of deflections.

“Many teams put somebody lying on the floor these days, to enable the wall to jump. That makes our job harder. If you’re 16, 17 metres out, it’s really too close to go for that kind of shot now. But I’ve started training with a higher wall.”

Robert Lewandowski goals

Robert Lewandowski on his movement before scoring goals.

When asked about his movement, or occasional lack thereof, Lewandowski said:

“Sometimes, not making a move is the best move, because it throws your opponent. Suddenly, he needs to make the first move. He might not be ready for that.

“That moment of hesitation is all you need. I saw that there was a gap, that the first post was open. It’s a decision you take in a split second. Then you show your quality. And if the situation isn’t right, you do something different.”

The Polish striker turns 33 next week and is reportedly considering a new challenge away from Bayern. The German club is believed to value him at £100m.

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