The story of how Robbie Keane punched football icon Edgar Davids

robbie keane edgar davids

The Dutchman didn’t mess with Keano again…

Robbie Keane is not the most physically intimidating man in the world, especially as far as footballers go, but he certainly showed Edgar Davids that he was not to be messed with back in his playing days.

Keane was the Tottenham Hotspur captain back in the 2000s under Martin Jol, who previously confirmed that Keane and Davids had an altercation on the training ground one day.

Fellow teammate Jamie O’Hara elaborated on Jol’s comments when speaking on talkSPORT back in 2021, explaining exactly what went down on the day.

Robbie Keane Edgar Davids story

O’Hara said: “I remember a story with him and Edgar Davids. We were at training and Davids came in from Inter Milan and he thought he was the bee’s knees.

“He thought he was the guy and the main man and everything, but everyone realised Robbie Keane was the main guy at Tottenham at that time.

“I remember him giving it to Keano in training and they were having a barney, and I think he tried to step to Robbie Keane and say something – and Keano just sparked him, bosh!

“He just went bang – one punch. Gone.

“Then Davids has just picked himself up and walked off – and that was it.”

Robbie Keane Edgar Davids story

To some it may sound slightly out of character, but O’Hara said that it was a known thing that it would be foolish to mess with Keane.

He said: “Everyone knew – you don’t mess with Keano. He had that thing about him that if he switched he would put you straight out.”

Davids only played with Spurs for two years, with this potential altercation with Keane potentially causing issues for him at the club.

Keane on the other hand is among the club’s top scorers.

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