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Rio Ferdinand brings up racism allegation after John Terry calls out his “fragile ego”

rio ferdinand john terry

This could get ugly…

Rio Ferdinand and Virgil van Dijk recently sat down together to talk about the best Premier League central defenders of all time, something which John Terry took issue with.

Ferdinand made the bold decision to refer to himself as the best Premier League center-back ever, putting Terry lower down in his top five.

This wasn’t good enough for the former Chelsea captain, who took to Instagram to share a number of his stats and personal records, implying he should have been higher in Ferdinand’s list.

Ferdinand refused to take this lying down, and took to Twitter to write: “The moment one has to start pushing their own records and stats itโ€™s really time to start addressing the fragile ego. You’re lucky I even put you in the top five after the racism case with my brother so be thankful you made it.”

rio ferdinand john terry

Rio Ferdinand vs John Terry

This is of course a reference to Terry’s incident with Anton Ferdinand, with the former alleged to have made racist remarks during a match.

Terry responded to Ferdinand’s tweet, carefully ignoring the racism comments, saying: “A fragile ego is putting yourself at number one. Thanks for putting me in your top five.”

He then faced quite a lot of pressure to respond to Ferdinand’s racism allegations, which Terry did eventually, saying: “Stats don’t lie, not guilty. Addressed it, now what?”

Rio Ferdinand vs John Terry

Terry was accused of having called Ferdinand a racial slur in a match between Chelsea and QPR in October of 2o11.

He was found not guilty in the end, having admitted to saying the words on the pitch, but only to deny to Ferdinand that he had said such a thing, after the QPR defender made the allegation.

It will be interesting to see where this debate on Twitter goes next, given Terry has other aspects of his past that he might not want brought back up any time soon.

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