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Former Man United hero says Ralf Rangnick appointment is “absurd”

Ralf Rangnick Michael Carrick

He believes United players could refuse to warm up under the new manager…

Former Manchester United hero Teddy Sheringham has said that the Ralf Rangnick appointment is “absurd”, insisting it’s a bad idea he takes over from Michael Carrick.

Sheringham says that he believes United are acting “very strange”, and even went as far as predicting players would refuse orders from their new boss.

Rangnick’s work visa situation was officially sorted on Thursday, meaning he will be in attendance at tonight’s game against Arsenal.

However, Carrick will still be the one taking the team, which is something else that confuses Sheringham.

Teddy Sheringham on Michael Carrick and Ralf Rangnick

Ralf Rangnick Michael Carrick

He said: “The whole scenario after putting Michael Carrick in charge as interim manager, to get another interim manager in for the next six months is just absurd for a club like Man United.

“I find it very strange what is going on up there at the moment. You’d like to think they know who they want and are waiting for the right man.

“When there’s talk he might get the job as well, it leaves you with a little bit of indecision all over the place.

“If you were a player and this manager came in who you know is only going to be there for six months and he didn’t really fancy you for the first couple of weeks, your response to that would be mucking about in training and thinking it doesn’t matter as he will be gone in six months.

“If he says to you ‘go and warm up’, you’ll say ‘no I’m not warming up, I’ll be here longer than you, mate’. You know how footballers are. It gets petty. I just find it a strange situation to be in at the moment.”

While Sheringham could well be exaggerating, it does seem highly unlikely that United’s players will treat Rangnick with less respect, when they know he will still be an influential voice at the club after his time as interim manager comes to an end.

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