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The unlikely events that could see Premier League title and relegation come down to a playoff

Premier League playoff

It’s not at all likely, but it could happen…

The final day of the Premier League is fast approaching, with everything to be wrapped up this Sunday.

For the first time in many years, the relegation battle, race for Europa League and top four, as well as the small matter of the title, can all be decided on the final day of the season.

And while it is extremely unlikely, there is the slight chance that both the relegation battle and the Premier League will both go to a one-off playoff match to determine what happens.

If two teams were to finish with the same number of points, goal difference, and goals scored, be it in the race for the title or for survival, a playoff would take place.

Here’s what would need to happen for that to take place.

Premier League playoff

Premier League playoff

Firstly, if Manchester City lose 6-0 against Aston Villa and Liverpool draw 5-5 against Wolves then the title will go to a playoff match. While the odds of this happening would be astronomical, it is interesting that on the last day of the season that this is even a possibility.

Meanwhile at the other end of the table, if Leeds lose 1-0 to Brentford on Sunday, while Burnley lose 28-7 to Newcastle then there will be a playoff for who stays in the Premier League.

Again, it simply will not happen, but it does make you wonder about how a game with so much at stake would ultimately play out.

According to Sporting News, the supposed playoff would take place at a neutral venue, with Wembley feeling like the most likely option.

While it’s almost definitely not going to happen this season, we can only cross our fingers that it does one day, as it would be one of the tensest 90 minutes in all of football.

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