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What needs to happen for Mauricio Pochettino to join Man United

Pochettino Man United

Could they get it done?

Mauricio Pochettino appears to be Manchester United’s number one target, when it comes to a replacement for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

However, this is complicated by Pochettino currently being the manager of Paris Saint Germain, who have amassed one of the most talented squads in the world.

United would most likely have an easier time trying to appoint someone who isn’t currently in a job, though there are less options in this field.

Sky Sports News journalist Dharmesh Sheth recently confirmed that United do want Pochettino, and explained what the club would have to do to appoint him.

How Man United can appoint Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino Man United

Sheth said: “Mauricio Pochettino would be interested in the post. If it was to come this season, the onus would have to be on Man United to make their move.

“If you look at this from PSG’s perspective, they don’t want to sack Pochettino, simply because of the compensation issue that is attached to it.

“If you remember last season, they sacked Thomas Tuchel and they ended up having to pay over £5 million to Tuchel and his backroom staff.

“PSG are only likely to consider allowing Pochettino to go mid season subject to two conditions. If Manchester United pay the full compensation, which we believe to be in excess of €10 million. And if they have a replacement who could come in straight away to replace the manager.”

Mauricio Pochettino to leave PSG?

PSG could be even less likely to let a top manager go mid-season again, given when they did it with Tuchel, he went on to win the Champions League with Chelsea.

If Pochettino were to leave the club and have similar success with United, the pressure on whichever manager replaces him in Paris would be immense.

Many have suggested that this deal ultimately relies on Zinedine Zidane, and whether or not he would be interested in taking the PSG job if Pochettino leaves.

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