Phil Jones’ Wolves performance highlights major Harry Maguire problem

Phil Jones Harry Maguire

Man United have a problem to deal with.

Phil Jones was called upon by Ralf Rangnick to start against Wolves on Monday night, much to the shock of Manchester United fans, and delight of the rest of the footballing world.

Memes were posted, jokes were made, and this was all before the whistle blew to start the game.

But once Jones took to the pitch, he played well. Not incredibly, not perfectly, but he played quite well. He hardly put a foot wrong defensively, and he even stepped out from the back on a number of occasions.

He pinged the ball into Mason Greenwood a few times, and made some nice clearances a couple of times in the first half.

And while this performance is not one that United fans should necessarily be getting excited about, it did make one thing clear – something needs to be done about Harry Maguire.

Phil Jones vs Harry Maguire

The fact that Jones stepped in, having not played football for almost two years, and looked better than Maguire has done for most of the season, is a real cause for concern.

And he didn’t even have to play that well to look better than Maguire. He just made sure that the ball was cleared when he got it. He didn’t do anything stupid.

Maguire, when on the pitch, constantly creates chaos. Even when it seems impossible to mess up, he manages to do so, in new and ridiculous ways every week.

Occasionally he plays well, as you would expect an £80 million England international to do, but not often enough.

With Raphael Varane having locked down the other central defender position, Rangnick needs to seriously start looking at partnering him with Victor Lindelof or Eric Bailly.

Maguire has got a free ride for way too long (from everyone but Roy Keane), and he needs to be dropped so he knows that he is not untouchable in this team.

If Phil Jones can come in, after over 700 days out in the cold, and not make the team look any worse – there is a problem.

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