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Peter Schmeichel responds to Roy Keane’s “overrated” comment

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(Article first published in August 2021)

Two massive personalities.

Peter Schmeichel has responded to Roy Keane’s comments, where he referred to the legendary goalkeeper as “overrated”.

During a bumper interview with Gary Neville, Keane was asked 50 questions in honour of his 50th birthday, and he was asked who the best keeper he played with was.

Peter Schmeichel Roy Keane

Roy Keane labels Peter Schmeichel “overrated”

Keane admitted that Schmeichel was the best goalkeeper he ever played with, but he made sure to get across that he also felt the Dane was “overrated”.

Naturally, the former United keeper was then asked about this comment during his next public television appearance.

When asked by Richard Keys if he had anything he wanted to say in response to Keane’s comments, he simply replied: “I actually don’t.

Keys then weighed in on the subject, defending the Dane, saying: “Honestly, some people want to say things at different times to make headlines. Sorry Roy. No way.”

Roy Keane vs Peter Schmeichel

In his second book, Keane revealed that he and Schmeichel once had a physical fight in a hotel, in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issues between the pair.

He wrote: “I had a bust-up with Peter when we were on a pre-season tour of Asia, in 1998, just after I came back from my cruciate injury. I think we were in Hong Kong. There was drink involved.

“Myself and Nicky Butt had had a night out, and we bumped into Peter at the hotel reception desk. It was about two in the morning. We said a few words to one another – a bit of banter, a bit of stick. I went to Nicky’s room for some room service, had a sandwich, got up to go – and Peter was waiting for me, outside the room.

“He said, ‘I’ve had enough of you. It’s time we sorted this out. So I said, ‘Okay.’

“And we had a fight. It felt like ten minutes. There was a lot of noise – Peter’s a big lad.”

Peter Schmeichel Roy Keane

While it doesn’t say in the book who the winner of the fight was, Keane says he woke up with a sore hand and some bent fingers, while the Dane was left with a black eye.

Recently, Irish footballer Dessie Baker recalled being at the centre of a dispute between Keane and Schmeichel. You can read more about that story here.

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