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Paul Scholes lashes out at Irish Man United coach who should be “embarrassed”

Paul Scholes Michael Carrick

No punches being pulled here.

Paul Scholes has lashed out at a number of Manchester United coaches who should be “embarrassed”. Scholes specifically namedropped Kieran McKenna, an Irishman who was a major part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s coaching team, as well as Michael Carrick.

Speaking ahead of the game against Villarreal on Tuesday evening, Scholes said that the Fermanagh man should be “embarrassed to still be at the club”, as should Carrick.

He also said that he would feel “guilty”, if he were in their position.

Paul Scholes on Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna

He said: “Whoever comes now, it’s not going to be easy to get Man United where they want to be. You ask the question if they’ll be any better tonight, it’s the same people running the team.

“It’s the same people who have been given massive responsibility every week to put the team on the pitch. Arguably, it’s more Kieran McKenna and Michael Carrick who have been preparing the team.

“Ole gives them that responsibility to do that, so how that changes now, I don’t know. Four weeks ago after that Liverpool game, we knew Ole was going to go. So then, the people above had to prepare the next manager and the next batch of staff.

“I’d be almost embarrassed being on the staff now, after what happened to Ole. I think they all should have gone. Whether they were sacked or they went off their own back. Because they were part of Ole’s team.

“Ole trusted them each week, they’ve let the club down just as much as Ole has.”

Paul Scholes Michael Carrick

Rio Ferdinand then interrupted to say that those coaches will be going through a hard couple of days, and asked Scholes if he had a say in team selection when he was a coach at United.

Scholes said that he would give his thoughts, but he knew that at the end of the day he wasn’t in charge, and that the manager ultimately made the big calls.

He finished by saying that he got the impression that McKenna and Carrick were given more trust than he ever was.

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