Paul McGrath speaks beautifully about Jack Charlton

Paul McGrath Jack Charlton

A lovely relationship.

Paul McGrath was one of the guests on Friday night’s episode of The Late Late Show, and he spent his time on the show discussing his relationship with Jack Charlton.

Charlton was McGrath’s Ireland manager, and was one of the most sympathetic people in the defender’s life when he was having difficulties with alcohol.

When times were tough for McGrath, he turned to Charlton for guidance and assistance, and he always got it too.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy, he explained just how much his former manager meant to him, in a typically eloquent way.

Paul McGrath on Jack Charlton

He said: “He was a little bit different, because I would end up on a train or plane I wasn’t supposed to be on. But he always forgave me, he always wanted me back on the team.

“He’d say that I would only play the next game if I behaved. And I wanted to play, because we had a great rapport with each other. And then we started winning an awful lot of games, so it was brilliant for us. We were allowed to party, well, the others were allowed to party.

“We had great fun together. I loved it. It was the best 10 years of my life. Jack was brilliant with my kids as well. He’d be down on the beach messing with them and having a laugh.”

Speaking about the Ireland team’s relationship with Charlton, he said: “We just loved him. He made it so simple for us to follow what we had to do. A lot of people thought we were just kick and rush players, but to be honest we knew what we were doing, and it brought us to some great places.

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