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Patrice Evra opens up over heartbreaking sexual abuse incident

Patrice Evra

An emotional interview from the Frenchman.

Patrice Evra has given a very powerful interview, where he went into detail about the sexual abuse he suffered as a teenager.

The former Manchester United captain alleged he was sexually abused by a teacher in his new autobiography entitled I Love This Game.

He said that it occurred when he was just 13 years of age, and that he found it extremely difficult to tell his mother.

Patrice Evra on sexual abuse

He said: “It was a tough moment for me. I have still to tell a few of my brothers and sisters and close friends.

“I don’t want people to feel pity. It’s a difficult situation. A mother does not expect to hear this from their own child.

“It was a big shock for her. A lot of anger. She said she was sorry. She said: ‘You must not put it in your book, it’s private Patrice,’ but that’s when I say: ‘Mum, it’s not about me, it’s about other kids,’ then she says OK, she understands.”

Going into further detail about the incident on BBC Breakfast, Evra said that his mother was adamant that he should never apologise about what happened to him, and that it wasn’t his fault.

He also said that he is grateful that his mother didn’t react as strongly as she initially wanted to, or she would be in jail.

He said: “The biggest challenge was telling my mom. When I told her she was devastated. She was crying. I kept saying ‘sorry’, but she said ‘don’t ever say sorry to anyone’.

“She was really angry. She asked if the man is still alive, and wanted to sue him. Maybe it was better I didn’t say it at the time, because maybe she would have killed that man and ended up in jail and I wouldn’t have the same education.”

Evra, who won a Champions League and five Premier League titles, said that by telling his story he hopes it sheds some light on the child abuse that is still going on around the world.

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