Patrice Evra makes great point about racist abuse on social media

Patrice Evra

“Don’t tell me those platforms can’t do anything.”

While Patrice Evra is mostly associated with bizarre comedy videos these days, the Frenchman is still well able to talk about serious topics when he has to.

He was recently speaking about racism in football, and said that players need to start walking off the pitch when they hear racist abuse coming from fans.

“Be a unit. Don’t play for one or two weeks, then you’re going to touch their wallet,” Evra said.

“Let’s stop talking. Let’s act. And I don’t want people to say ‘it’s easy to talk like this because you’re retired, so you need to give all those ideas’, no. Because when I was the French captain, I did it.”

Patrice Evra on social media.

The former Manchester United and France defender also said that social media platforms have to do more to make it harder for players to be abused online.

“I think the platforms should do something more,” he said. “Because of course you can delete the comments, they can block people and everything. But I’m sorry, when it’s Covid news, straight away you get the flag on any social media.

“When it’s about nudity, Instagram can ban it straight away. So don’t tell me those platforms can do nothing about the racism. But it’s going to be a long process.”

Evra is referring to the fact that on Instagram, when the word ‘Covid’ or ‘vaccine’ is mentioned, a post is automatically flagged, and he’s asking why the same effort can’t be put in to target racist abuse?

Evra was at the centre of one of the biggest racism incidents in football history, where former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was found to have used racist language towards Evra.

Suarez faced a ban as a result, and when the two met on the pitch for the first time after the incident, the Uruguayan refused to shake Evra’s hand.

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