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Former Ireland goalkeeper Paddy Kenny doubles down on response to Wayne Rooney

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A saga that just won’t seem to go away.

In your 2022 bingo card, you would be forgiven for not having an ongoing beef between former Ireland international Paddy Kenny and Wayne Rooney on it.

It started at a recent award ceremony, where Rooney criticised Kenny’s role in Manchester City’s first-ever Premier League title win.

He said: “On reflection, Paddy Kenny should have done better for a couple of the goals. City get the second goal, and QPR kick it straight back to them. That’s never been questioned, which I find strange.

Wayne Rooney vs Paddy Kenny

Kenny responded by mocking Rooney’s physical appearance, sharing an image of the Derby County manager in court.

One would have thought this could be the end of the saga, but Kenny is seemingly not willing to let it die down any time soon.

Wayne Rooney vs Paddy Kenny

On Thursday night, he took to Twitter to share a video of Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal against him, alongside a caption that implied he let it in on purpose.

He wrote: “Never enjoyed conceding goals but god letting this one in was well worth it”, as well as a money emoji.

Kenny has been receiving abusive comments from Manchester United fans on Twitter ever since the beginning of this drama, which is likely the reason he is continuing to wind them up.

When he was accused of being disrespectful to Rooney while his wife is in court, he replied: “Wasn’t it disrespectful him questioning the QPR players for cheating? I’d say so…”

Kenny, who won seven caps for Ireland between 2004 and 2006, has previously dismissed claims that he was to blame for Aguero’s goal.

Given Aguero scored a number of goals just like that one throughout the season, Kenny should probably be cut some slack for not saving that one in particular.

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