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The latest Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reports are just ridiculous

Solskjaer update

It is believed that he has three games to save his job.

The latest reports about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seem to suggest he has three games to save his job as manager of Manchester United.

These games – Spurs and Atalanta away, and Manchester City at home. Some reports suggest that he needs to win all three to save his job, others believe that two good results could turn things around for the Norwegian.

Either way, it is absolutely ridiculous.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reports

Since the loss to Liverpool, other reports have come out to suggest that the United players are “losing faith” in Solskjaer, with another leak from the dressing room suggesting the players are unhappy with the tactics being implemented.

Long story short, the writing is on the wall for the manager. He is done, as he should be. So why roll out this ridiculous suggestion that if by some miracle Solskjaer wins his next three games, his job will be saved?

Why would that save his job? This is the same sort of short-term thinking that led to Solskjaer getting the job after a few decent performances as interim manager. The same short-term thinking that got the club into this mess.

Clearly, his time is up. He has run his race. He has left the club in a better place than where it was when he first arrived, and he can be proud. But he is nowhere near good enough to lead the club further forward, so he has to go. A 2-1 win over a Spurs team that just got battered by West Ham shouldn’t change that.

Perhaps the club is instead taking its time because they can’t afford to appoint the wrong man again, and they need to make the correct decision, but they should have been preparing for the past 12 months.

Solskjaer update

It says it all that managers are not lining up to take what is often seen as the biggest job in world football. This is a testament to how disgracefully United has been run over the past few years.

Until a new manager is appointed though, Solskjaer will remain in purgatory, knowing that he is on the way out, all while fielding questions from the media promising he will turn it around. How long can this go on?

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