Mason Greenwood’s future – the latest development at Man United

Mason Greenwood future

A complicated situation.

Mason Greenwood has reportedly asked Manchester United if he can return to training as soon as possible.

The young footballer has not played a minute sine he was arrested in January of last year.

Greenwood was alleged to have assaulted a woman, who shared multiple videos and images online.

However, all charges were recently dropped against him, which has led to there being doubt and confusion about his footballing future.

Greater Manchester Police explained that new information coming to light, as well as the withdrawal of key witnesses, led to the charges being dropped.

The key witness in question is the woman who made the allegations against Greenwood, who is now expecting her first child with the Man United academy graduate.

Mason Greenwood future

After charges were dropped, some people were quick to point out that the club did include the young player in their official Premier League squad earlier in the season.

However, the club quickly released a statement to say they would be conducting their own personal investigation into what happened, and that they would ultimately decide then if Greenwood would ever return.

At present, the club seems torn between two options – getting rid of the player entirely and welcoming him back into the squad.

Some at the club feel as though they have a duty of care to a young man that has been at the club since he was a child, and that they can’t continue to let him down by getting rid of him.

Others, including those looking at it from a commercial perspective, feel as though there is no way Greenwood could ever play again, due to the nature of the audio and video that remain readily available to this day.

Importantly, certain members of the Man United women’s have expressed concerns about Greenwood returning, which could also play a role.

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