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Report highlights further evidence of Mason Greenwood’s bad behaviour at Man United

Mason Greenwood

The youngster was reprimanded for comments made about Cristiano Ronaldo, among other things.

A recent report has highlighted further evidence of Mason Greenwood’s bad behaviour at Manchester United.

The Athletic has shared a report that dives deep into Greenwood’s time at United, and the controversies he has been associated with.

This of course comes off the back of the fact that Greenwood is currently suspended by the club, due to his arrest after images and videos were posted online by his ex-girlfriend. He was also questioned on suspicion of making threats to kill.

He was immediately suspended by the club, and hasn’t played since, though it’s unclear what will happen next, as all charges have been dropped due to the withdrawal of a key witness.

mason greenwood

Mason Greenwood’s behaviour at Man United

In the report, The Athletic claim that police were called to Greenwood’s house on a number of occasions, due to the youngster having loud parties during lockdown.

The police spoke to Man United about Greenwood’s behaviour, but the club were all too aware, as there had been instances of him leaving his house during lockdown, and sneaking out of his parents’ house when he was younger.

There is even one piece in that report that states Greenwood disrespected club legend Cristiano Ronaldo, when he was still at Real Madrid.

The report reads: “Someone who witnessed events, says: “He knew he was a good player and was cutting, he wasn’t shy about telling someone they were s***. When you hear that you’d think, ‘Can’t be talking like that’.”

“But, then again, Greenwood levelled the same criticism at Cristiano Ronaldo when he was still at Real Madrid. “He’s dead,” Greenwood once said — implying he was finished in teenage vernacular. Staff corrected him and considered his mentality that of youthful delusion.”

Since his arrest, Greenwood was further arrested for breaching bail conditions.

As it stands, Man United are conducting an internal investigation, which will determine the future of Greenwood.

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