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Marcus Rashford hits out at news report about his earnings from charity

Marcus Rashford charity

“Why has there always got to be a motive? Why can’t we just do the right thing?”

Marcus Rashford has hit out at a news report making claims about his own personal earnings from his charity work.

The Manchester United star has been widely praised for his work off the pitch over the past year or so, specifically for what he has done to ensure that underprivileged children in England are being fed.

Marcus Rashford charity

Rashford took to Twitter on Tuesday night to discuss an article that he heard was due to be published in political magazine The Spectator, that centred around how much the England international had personally benefitted commercially from the last 18 months.

Marcus Rashford defends charity work

Before the article was even published, Rashford wrote: “Just heard The Spectator are planning to run a story on me tomorrow about how I have benefitted commercially in the last 18 month.

“To clarify, I don’t need to partner with brands. I partner because I want to progress the work I do off the pitch and most of any fee I would receive contributes to that.

“Last summer, 1.3 million children had access to food support, through my relationship with Burberry children have a safe place to be after school where they will be fed, following the November investment, vulnerable children have safe places to go this summer holiday, and due to my relationship with Macmillan 80,000 children now have a book to call their own.

“Do I have a larger commercial appeal following the u-turns? I’m sure. But I’m also a Manchester United and England international footballer. Why has there always got to be a motive? Why can’t we just do the right thing?”

Rashford was a large part of the reason the UK Government did a U-turn over providing free meals to disadvantaged children during the Christmas holidays of 2020. He became the youngest person to be honoured at the Football Writers’ Association annual tribute awards as a result.

The alleged article in The Spectator is still yet to be published.

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