Gary Lineker and Micah Richards fume over Man United Aston Villa VAR call

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“The consistency is not good enough.”

Gary Lineker and Micah Richards were extremely unhappy over a VAR call in the Manchester United vs Aston Villa game on Monday night.

Danny Ings had a goal disallowed after approximately three minutes of a VAR check, when it was deemed that Jacob Ramsey blocked Edinson Cavani in the buildup to the goal.

Ramsey was offside when the ball was kicked, while VAR seemed to be checking whether or not he moved towards Cavani. After Michael Oliver went to check the screen, the goal was disallowed.

United went on to win the game 1-0, thanks to a first half goal from Scott McTominay. Unsurprisingly, much of the conversation after the game was about the foul.

Gary Lineker and Micah Richards on Man United vs Aston Villa

Speaking after the game, Richards said: “I don’t think Cavani is going to get there. Cavani ran into him. And it took so long to make the decision. It’s just ridiculous.

“The consistency is not good enough.”

Alan Shearer weighed in on the subject, though he seemed more annoyed at the fact that VAR is only being used in some grounds and not others in the FA Cup.

Speaking about this incident in particular though, he said: “To take three and a half minutes to get the decision is not acceptable. The communication is hopeless…”

However, he then moved the conversation back to the subject of VAR not being used in every FA Cup game, something he and Richards both disagreed with.

Man United vs Aston Villa VAR controversy

Meanwhile, Lineker took to Twitter during the game to voice his complaints about the refereeing decision.

He wrote: “Rather strange intervention from VAR. Seemed determined to find some reason to rule out the goal. Not sure that was anywhere near enough.”

He continued in another tweet where he called for referees to communicate with fans.

Former Ireland international Jonathan Walters also took to social media to explain how he felt about the disallowed goal.

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