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Kieran Trippier to take massive risk with move to Newcastle

Kieran Trippier Newcastle

The deal is all but done.

It seems as though Kieran Trippier is about to make the move from Atletico Madrid to Newcastle United, in somewhat of a surprising switch.

Newcastle, of course, became one of the richest football clubs in the world earlier this season, so they have plenty of cash to burn in the upcoming transfer windows.

And it appears as though Trippier will be the first player to make the move, as part of what will surely be an exciting project.

However, it is a project that is as risky as it is exciting, if not even more so.

Trippier is coming from an Atletico Madrid team that is one of the best in Europe. They just won La Liga, a league that they have no business competing in due to the competition they have in Real Madrid and Barcelona, and Trippier played an important part in the win.

They are also in the knockout stages of the Champions League, as they almost always are, where they will play a Manchester United team that they have a great chance of beating.

Kieran Trippier Newcastle

Kieran Trippier to Newcastle

The move to Newcastle for the England international could really go one of two ways.

He could become the club’s highest paid player, and help to keep them up, and be in a situation where he is seen as one of the first stars to join a team on the rise.

Or Newcastle get relegated, and Trippier watches Atletico compete both domestically and in Europe, and feels foolish for leaving.

Reports suggest he has a clause in his contract that states if Newcastle do get relegated, it will be made easy for him to leave the club, but not without damaging his reputation and likely cutting his ties with Atletico first.

One thing is certain though – Newcastle have added another weapon to their arsenal for what is sure to be an exciting relegation battle in the Premier League.

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