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Jurgen Klopp discusses who would win a fight between him and Roy Keane

Jurgen Klopp Roy Keane

Eddie Hearn, set it up.

Jurgen Klopp has discussed who would win in a fight between him and Roy Keane, giving a surprisingly detailed answer.

Klopp was doing an interview with Sky Sports, where he was asked about everything from music, to football, to his favourite holiday destination.

But the question that caught our eye the most was the one about Keane, and the seriousness with which Klopp answered.

Jurgen Klopp vs Roy Keane boxing match

Jurgen Klopp Roy Keane

He seemed to think that he wouldn’t stand a chance against the Corkman, despite Klopp’s significant height advantage.

He said: “100% Roy Keane. I’ve never punched a person in my life, only with words. I think with words, maybe I would say that I have a chance, but with boxing? No.

“Roy is a… just think of the tackles had had during his career. No chance! I could never be that ruthless.”

He then said that he would be good at the thrash talk bit that led up to the fight, saying: “It would be cool. We could stand in front of each other, and his face would only be up to my chest or whatever. It’s the last moment I would impress him, and from that moment he would win.”

In fairness to Klopp, Keane did have four amateur boxing fights before he became a footballer, so maybe the Liverpool boss has made the right decision.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Klopp was asked about which Premier League managers he would most like to be stuck on an desert island with. He went for Daniel Farke, as the two are friends, and Pep Guardiola, who he sees as the best manager in the world.

However, he was quick to add that if he was to pick a Premier League manager who would be best able to help him off the island, he would go with Sean Dyche.

Hard to argue with that…

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