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ITV reporter fooled by Jurgen Klopp lookalike on TV

Jurgen Klopp lookalike

The dangers of live television…

England defeated Germany 2-0 in the Euro 2020 Round of 16 game on Tuesday evening in what was undeniably a strong performance.

Goals from Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling saw Gareth Southgate’s side knock out the Germans, which sent English fans in the stadium and around the country absolutely wild.

Jurgen Klopp lookalike

Fans took to the streets of London, just outside Wembley Stadium, to celebrate the win, and the scenes were as chaotic as you might have expected them to be.

And unfortunately for him, ITV reporter Jonathan Swain fell victim to a bit of a prank during the madness of the big game.

Jurgen Klopp lookalike prank

Speaking on Wednesday morning’s episode of Lorraine, Swain said that he ‘caught up’ with Klopp before the game, saying the Liverpool manager was a ‘great sport’ and a ‘tremendous chap’.

“As I was going into the stadium last night I caught up with Jurgen Klopp as well, the Liverpool manager, of course he is German.

“He was a great sport yesterday, chatting to many of the England fans as well. Even after the match, he was on the shoulders of some England supporters drinking a can of beer, just here on Wembley Road. What a tremendous chap he is.”

Whether or not Klopp was actually in attendance at the match is unclear, but one thing is for sure – that man is not Jurgen Klopp.

It is believed that this lookalike has pulled this trick before, and he even goes by Cheeky Jurgen when doing his Klopp routine.

Cheeky Jurgen, real name Ray Cornwell told the Daily Mail: “The ITV reporter thought I was the real Jurgen Klopp and that just shows how good I am. I have nothing but sympathy for him because around 60% of the people I meet when I’m doing my Klopp routine really believe it’s him.”

“A German television crew came up to me outside Wembley asking to interview me. They started speaking to me in German and I had to tell them that I’m not Jurgen Kopp but I’m “Cheeky Jurgen”.

“If they could be mistaken that I was really him then I totally understand how a British person could too. I completely fool people all the time.”

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