Latest Spurs news could have impact on Josh Cullen

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Some interesting developments out of London.

Vincent Kompany has reportedly emerged as the favourite to become the next Spurs manager.

The Burnley manager has his side top of the league in the Championship, and following the departure of Antonio Conte, he seems to be in demand at Spurs.

Burnley would not be pleased with their manager leaving before he gives Premier League football a chance with them, but it could be good news for the likes of Josh Cullen.

Kompany has signed Cullen at Anderlecht and at Burnley, so it’s clear that he really likes the player.

If Kompany did get a big move to Spurs, he could well want to bring Cullen with him, as he has described him in the past as “the ultimate player”.

Vincent Kompany on Josh Cullen

Speaking earlier this season, he said: “I can’t be complimentary enough, but I think everyone can see what he does,” said the Manchester City legend. “The team appreciates it; his strength is that he’s the ultimate player that puts the team before himself.

“Football naturally always drives you towards being selfish, it just happens that way because you’ve got to look after yourself, and there are only very few players, despite all of that, who decide to make a conscious choice to put the team above themselves. You can’t really scout that, you only know it when you work with players.”

“The best way to describe Josh [Cullen] is that he came to Anderlecht, from Charlton, as a squad player and he became the most important player in my squad.

“Then he came to Burnley, back in English football in the Championship, where he was really going to help us out, and he became one of the most important players in the team.”

Kompany is yet to comment on his future, though it is extremely likely he will be asked after his side’s game against Sunderland on Friday night.

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