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Latest Derby County update should tell Irish stars everything they need to know

Jason Knight Eiran Cashin

A tough decision, but it has to be done.

The latest update to come from Derby County should tell Jason Knight and Eiran Cashin everything they need to know about what must be done this summer.

Knight and Cashin are both still playing at the League One outfit, who are still going through some serious financial difficulties.

American Chris Kirchner looked set to buy the club, assuring fans on social media that he was close to finalising a deal, but this appears to now be in doubt.

Since then, Kirchner has failed to complete the purchase on two occasions, having his period of exclusivity extended.

Derby County woes continue

Jason Knight Eiran Cashin

Mike Ashley is now among the favourites to purchase Derby, though a number of roadblocks remain in place, leading to defender Curtis Davies speaking out about his concerns.

Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: “I’ve only spoken to a couple of players about their situations, there are obviously so many who are out of contract that keeping tabs on everyone isn’t easy.

“I’ve spoken to a couple of players and it’s the same message.

“We’re getting most of our information from social media and news outlets and we’re all waiting to see what’s happening.

“Ultimately when you see reports like this [the 5pm Friday deadline], it doesn’t look positive for the current takeover. That’s the worry.”

Jason Knight Eiran Cashin

While Knight and Cashin may want to stay loyal to Derby, and to manager Wayne Rooney who gave the two plenty of playing time, it’s starting to feel like an easy decision awaits them.

If a Premier League club comes in for Knight, he will have to say goodbye to the club that gave him his big break, no matter how difficult it might be. He is simply way too good for League One.

Cashin may be able to afford a season at a lower level, as he is still only finding his feet, but he will have to ask himself whether Derby seems like a good club to be at right now.

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