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Jan Vertonghen slams “the worst rule in football”

Jan Vertonghen

The Belgium defender has demanded a change.

Jan Vertonghen has slammed “the worst rule in football”, and demanded that it be “sorted out”.

The Belgium defender was referencing an incident that occurred in the Nations League final on Sunday night.

The game was tied at 1-1, when Antoine Griezmann picked up the ball, and played a lovely pass through to Kylian Mbappe with the outside of his boot.

Mbappe calmly slotted the ball home, while the Spanish defenders protested that the French striker was offside when the ball was played.

And they were right. But, due to the fact that Spain defender Eric Garcia got a touch on the ball, Mbappe was no longer deemed to be offside, and the goal stood, with France winning the game 2-1.

Many complained that the only reason Garcia tried to touch the ball at all was because he was trying to stop Mbappe, who was offside, from getting the ball. As a result it seems clear that the Frenchman was interfering with play, though the officials, and the rules, disagreed.

Vertonghen took to Twitter to say that it is “the worst rule in football”, while referee Dermot Gallagher explained why the goal was given.

Dermot Gallagher on Kylian Mbappe goal

The former referee stated that he does dislike this rule, but that according to the letter of the law, it was right to be disallowed, as technically there was no offside.

“This law has been there for a long time, this isn’t a new thing… It’s a thing that’s there. The law is reviewed year-on-year and it’s been left. People are happy with it.

“Stuart Atwell (the referee on the night) probably doesn’t like that law. But he has to apply it.”

He was also quick to point out the fact that even if VAR was not being used on the night, it would not have stood, as the linesman didn’t raise his flag.

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