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Jamie O’Hara says the Premier League should be cut down to 18 teams for bizarre reason

Jamie O'Hara Norwich

An extremely odd take.

Jamie O’Hara has said that the Premier League should be cut down to 18 teams to “get rid of the dross”.

The former Spurs midfielder have said that Norwich City are “killing the Premier League”, and creating irrelevant football matches purely via their presence in the top flight.

He said that the Canaries are an “embarrassment” to the rest of the league, and that keeping them in the league will see the bigger clubs tempted to join a Super League.

Jamie O'Hara Norwich

Jamie O’Hara on Premier League “problem”

He told talkSPORT: “There are 20 teams in the Premier League and it’s almost getting ridiculous with Norwich. They are yet to win a game. There are other teams involved in this – Southampton, Newcastle, Burnley and Norwich yet to win a league match this season.

“It starts to raise the question for me, Norwich have come into the Premier League again and are the whipping boys.

“I said it at the start of the season and I took a load of stick from Norwich fans who were saying ‘we’re going to have a go this season, we spent money, we’re going to be there’. Again they are showing they are an embarrassment to the Premier League. They’ve got one point and it’s just ridiculous.

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“It raises the question of all these players being fatigued, too many games, the big teams looking at doing the Super League, which I’m against, but I think they are starting to get the hump with irrelevant football matches.

“I think you could drop it down to 18 teams and you get rid of the dross. Get rid of the teams who are no good, who are killing the Premier League, because it has got to such heights now. These games where you’ve got Norwich getting beaten all the time, coming up and just killing the Premier League, it’s just pointless.”

Has O’Hara got a point?

It seems as though the former Premier League footballer has failed to take a number of things into account before voicing this opinion.

If he got his wish, and 18 teams were in the league, it would surely still be the team that won and came second in the Championship that would go up.

Jamie O'Hara Norwich

As a result, Norwich and Watford would be there this season, while Brentford would have missed out, so he would need to come up with a new theory to get rid of the Canaries.

Also, this is a the same Brentford that are sitting in 7th place currently, having already beaten Arsenal and drawn 3-3 with Liverpool, showing they are more than capable of hanging with the big boys.

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