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Jamie Carragher clashes with AFTV regular over Arsenal’s chances

jamie carragher ty

“Oh so you are now a sporting director?”

Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville recently took part in a live fan debate, and it got heated between the Liverpool legend and an AFTV regular.

Arsenal Fan TV, which recently rebranded as AFTV, is one of the most popular football accounts on YouTube, and garners millions of views every month.

jamie carragher ty

It is often criticised for the over the top dramatics and controversial comments that come from their post-match reactions, but it receives regular mainstream coverage on a number of radio and TV stations, and has had some massive guests including Gary Neville and Didier Drogba.

Jamie Carragher vs AFTV

One of the channel regulars, Ty, appeared in Sky Bet’s recent fan debate, and took issue with some of the things the panel were saying about his beloved Arsenal.

Ty complained that Arsenal were getting a hard time, and he said: “It seems so easy to just knock us all the time. We get slammed on the radio, we get slammed on the TV”.

Carragher’s logic was that he expected more from Arsenal because of the club’s past, and that any criticism of the club comes from a place of “respect”.

The former Liverpool captain criticised Arsenal’s sporting director for bringing in “rejects from Chelsea” like David Luiz and Willian, and paying them massive wages, then letting them go for free.

Carragher called this behaviour “wrong” and “stupid”, while Ty argued that it’s not “stupid”, and said “so you are now a sporting director?”

Neville and Keane also interjected during the conversation, siding with Carragher and saying that Arsenal fans should be demanding more from their club.

Elsewhere in the fan debate, they discussed the impact Jack Grealish is going to have at Manchester City, what’s going to happen with Harry Kane, and what they’re most excited about going into the new season.

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