Jamie Carragher asks the perfect Paul Pogba question

Jamie Carragher Paul Pogba

“He affects the team so badly…”

Jamie Carragher has asked the Paul Pogba question that is on every Manchester United fan’s mind.

During a recent episode of The Overlap, Carragher was talking to Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, as well as a host of fans of every Premier League team.

Pogba was brought up in conversation, as Scholes was saying that he would start him in central midfield in United’s best XI, alongside Scott McTominay.

Carragher then interrupted and asked about the difference between Pogba’s performances for France, and how he plays on a regular basis for United.

Jamie Carragher on Paul Pogba

He said: “I watched Pogba for France, and I think in the tournament in the summer, he was one of the players of the tournament in central midfield.

“Whenever I watch him in central midfield for United, even just two weeks ago, he is so poor. He affects the team so badly. What do you think it is?”

When it was suggested that he plays with better players at international level, Carragher quickly shut down this as a potential defence.

“I’m not having that. When you’re a central midfield player… He’s never in midfield when I watch Man United. He’s everywhere but where he should be, I don’t see that for France.”

Scholes replied that it is the hope that is killing United fans, as they see how he plays for France, and feel he should be doing it at club level.

He went on to say that if the alternative is Fred, Pogba is definitely the safer option. Hard to argue with that…

The conversation can be seen in full here:

In the same episode of the Overlap, Neville made a bold claim about United’s season that could worry fans.
He said that the start of the season is “worse than it looks” for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side.

“My fear for Ole is that the start of the season is worse than it looks,” Neville said. “At the moment, you look at the league and you think they’re two points off the top but they haven’t played a single team.”

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