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Jamie Carragher finally changes stance on Lisandro Martinez

jamie carragher lisandro martinez

He’s doing the right thing and holding his hands up.

Jamie Carragher has finally changed his stance on Lisandro Martinez, after boldly saying he wouldn’t cut it in the Premier League after just two games.

After Manchester United’s awful start to the season, Carragher predicted that Martinez simply could not play for Man United as a central defender, due to his height.

This came after losses to Brentford and Brighton, though United quickly bounced back and defeated Liverpool, Arsenal, Southampton and Leicester in the space of a month.

Martinez was at the heart of those wins, but when Carragher was given a chance to change his mind on the Argentine defender, he did the opposite and doubled down.

Jamie Carragher on Lisandro Martinez

Now over halfway through the season, Martinez has been one of the standout players in the league, and helped his country win a World Cup.

As a result, Carragher has finally admitted that he was wrong.

Jamie Carragher on Lisandro Martinez

He said: “I think he’s been brilliant. To be that small and play in central-defence, you’ve got to be a special player. A good player. I didn’t think somebody of that size could cope in the Premier League. And he has coped, he’s been brilliant.

“I talk about United’s spirit, he’s a big part of that. There was a game a few weeks ago where he was a sub, and somebody scored a late goal and he was right involved.

“You’ve seen him at the World Cup with Argentina, he’s got that fight… Now listen, he’ll still get exposed in the air, it has to happen. Every player has got weaknesses, but the best players hide them or make sure they don’t get exposed.

“I’ve got no problem, I can admit when I’m wrong.”

Carragher was speaking on a new episode of The Overlap, which can be watched in full here. 

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