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Jamie Carragher insists England players are ‘street wise’ and didn’t cheat

Jamie Carragher england

“To me, it was not cheating because having dribbled into the penalty area he induced panic in those trying to stop him.”

Jamie Carragher has said that the English players didn’t cheat against Denmark and has instead insisted that they’re just “street wise”.

The English side faced criticism for going down easily, specifically Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, the latter of which won a penalty in extra-time to win the game.

Jamie Carragher

Carragher feels that what Sterling did to win the penalty was “savvy, not cynical” and that it was “not cheating”.

Jamie Carragher on England vs Denmark

Writing in The Telegraph, Carragher wrote: “I have no problem with how Sterling ‘won’ the spot-kick. He did what many top-class attackers have done when Maehle brushed against his leg. He was savvy, not cynical.

“To me, it was not cheating because having dribbled into the penalty area he induced panic in those trying to stop him. They got the man rather than the ball, regardless of how bad it really was.

“In a situation such as Wednesday night’s, the defender’s biggest mistake is in being too late to his man, making contact inevitable and ensuring the officials have a big decision to make, with a volatile home crowd screaming for what in that split second looks like the most obvious foul.

“I would not have been happy with the referee for penalising me in those circumstances, but I would have been more livid with myself and my full-back for allowing Sterling to get so far towards the six-yard box.”

These quotes from Carragher represent a bit of a change of heart from back in 2018, after a game between PSG and Liverpool.

Jamie Carragher on Liverpool vs PSG

jamie carragher

After a Champions League tie between the two sides (which PSG won), Carragher said that he didn’t understand how some of the PSG players went back to their families after going down easily on the pitch.

He said: “Even Thiago Silva, the captain, the centre-back, rolling around in the corner near the end holding his face.

“This is a great team with some great players, they don’t need to resort to these tactics, they should let the football do the talking.

“You’re frustrated as a Liverpool supporter but as a football fan, people watching all around the world they should be embarrassed.

“I don’t know how they go back and speak to their families and wives in the players’ lounge.

“You know rolling around on the floor like that, the only time you see that is children at kindergarten.”

Perhaps Carragher feels that what the English players did was not at the same level of playacting from the PSG lads back in 2018…

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