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Jamie Carragher names the one current player he thinks will be a top pundit

Jamie Carragher Declan Rice

Not a bad shout.

Jamie Carragher has named the one current player he thinks could be a top pundit in the future.

During a recent episode of The Overlap, Gary Neville interviewed Carragher in Liverpool about everything from his childhood to his darkest moments.

He also discussed why he chose punditry over management, insisting that he definitely made the right decision. Carragher claimed that during his career he took the losses to heart too much, and that he couldn’t work in a dressing room with players who didn’t hate losing as much as him.

Speaking about the future of punditry, the former Liverpool captain insisted that Declan Rice is the current footballer who he would most like to see go into the industry.

Jamie Carragher on Declan Rice

Jamie Carragher Declan Rice

He said: “There’s one player who stands out to me who is very young, who I think has got a bit of something about him, a bit of personality. It’s Declan Rice.

“I don’t know if he’ll be a good pundit, but he’s quite bubbly on the England social media, and he’s on Twitter having a laugh and a joke. I think it’s not just about knowing the game, you’ve got to have a personality.

“We’ve (Carragher and Neville) got different personalities but you’ve got to have one. You can’t just be like X,Y,Z.

“A lot of players now you don’t see their personality, they’re so cocooned. They’ve got PR managers ‘You put this on Twitter, you do this’… Everything’s managed. We weren’t like that. We’re a bit more off the cuff.

He also said that the thing he dislikes most about being a pundit is when he or anyone else in punditry makes a point, and that comment is then reported back to a manager immediately after a match, when they’re emotional.

He said: “I’ve got no problem with a manager coming back at us, but I’d like them to know the context of how we’ve said something, and get the full facts. That’s the only thing I don’t like.”

The interview can be seen in full here:

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