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Jake Humphrey apologises for Champions League final comments

Jake Humphrey liverpool

“We are hugely regretful that we were reading out those false statements.”

Jake Humphrey has apologised for comments he and his BT Sport colleagues made during last season’s Champions League final.

During last year’s final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Paris, there were a number of safety issues taking place off the pitch, with thousands of fans in attendance impacted.

Kick-off was delayed due to issues outside the stadium, while Liverpool fans were tear gassed and harassed, with many fearing for their safety.

Uefa recently released the findings of a report that stated that they were at fault for what happened on the night.

This comes after initial suggestions were that Liverpool fans were in any way to blame, with an early narrative being pushed that issues arose due to fans showing up without tickets.

On the night, Humphrey parroted what Uefa had said, much to the frustration of Liverpool fans who knew they had done nothing wrong.

He took the time on Tuesday night to apologise, with both sides facing off against each other again.

Jake Humphrey apologises to Liverpool

He said: “We are hugely regretful that we were reading out those false statements.

“The only statements shared on the big screens as we were inside the stadium was a completely false narrative. I just want to say sorry to all the people involved in this football club, the stress was added to you because of us sharing that information, which we now know to be completely false.

“The truth is that those football fans that were being accused were out there saving the lives of other football fans, including our family members and our friends.

“If lessons aren’t learned, then next time that this happens there could be even more of a tragedy than we saw on that night in Paris, so let’s hope those lessons are taken on board, absolutely, but it can’t be repeated often enough – Liverpool fans absolutely not to blame for what happened that evening despite the initial messaging that came from the governing body.”

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