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Ian Wright perfectly tears into Bruno Fernandes’ performance vs Liverpool

bruno fernandes suspended

“That is honestly laughable.”

Ian Wright perfectly tore into Bruno Fernandes’ performance vs Liverpool, insisting that Manchester United captain’s performance was “laughable”.

Wright accused Fernandes of embarrassing himself in one of English football’s biggest games, and said that a player like that would not have lasted back in the day.

Fernandes tends to play on the edge, but his performance at Anfield was one that most United fans have never seen before, as he seemed to completely lose his head in the second-half.

He was refusing to track back, he stopped following his runners and at one point he pushed a fourth-official, which could result in him receiving a ban. 

Wright discussed the performance, pinpointing certain moments from the game, and explained brilliantly why this sort of behaviour does not help a team.

Ian Wright on Bruno Fernandes

He said: “If you look at his reaction to that. He’s having a word with Alisson, arguing with him. Look at where the ball is! Look at him. He should get back in, but he’s coming over here to have a whinge at Rashford. Rashford is saying ‘Get on with the game’.”

“This is the captain. This is the guy who is meant to be leading by example. And you look how he’s acting. I was very surprised to see him like that.

“He wasn’t even tracking back. He had no energy, nothing. The captain, nothing! He’s not done anything. That is honestly laughable.

“You look in that United dressing room and there’s nobody in there to pull him… We wouldn’t have a player like that in our dressing room. It’s not good to have that guy in there. That player is constantly moaning, he’s not working. That wouldn’t happen back in our day…”

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