Gary Neville’s performance on Sunday was as embarassing as Man United’s

Gary Neville United

A really poor showing.

Manchester United were torn apart by Liverpool on Sunday, losing 5-0 at home to their fiercest rivals. Gary Neville said that they were “dismantled” by Jurgen Klopp’s side, but just like his friend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he had no idea why.

While his colleagues, who were thoroughly enjoying their day, were extremely aware that Solskjaer is nowhere near good enough for the United job, Neville refused to agree.

He was clearly annoyed, and this is perfectly understandable as he is clearly a massive United fan, but he really didn’t cover himself in glory with his comments.

Gary Neville on pressing

Both during the game and afterwards, Neville insisted that United don’t have pressing players. They just don’t have players who will press.

Liverpool do, he argued, so too do Manchester City. But United’s are incapable of doing so. Has Neville ever stopped to wonder why the Liverpool and City players press? Or why United run less than almost every team in the league.

Players don’t collectively decide to press or not to press for an entire season. They aren’t born with a pressing gene in them that makes them able to do it. They do what they are instructed to by the manager, which Neville knows and is ignoring, or he genuinely believes that if Marcus Rashford was playing under Jurgen Klopp, he wouldn’t be running.

It has been clear as day for a long time that there are little or no instructions coming from Solskjaer, and Neville must know it at this stage.

Gary Neville on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s replacement

While his thoughts on pressing perfectly encapsulate why Neville failed as a manager, his comments on Sunday imply he won’t do too well as a club owner.

Not for the first time, he made the point that United in the past have hired one of the best managers in the world at the time in Jose Mourinho, and it didn’t work out. While this is true, this is obviously not a reason to never hire a top manager again.

United have signed top players that didn’t perform well at the club, should they never do that again? Should they not have signed Raphael Varane?

He will say that he’ll never call for a manager to be sacked, and that is completely understandable. He and Solskjaer are old teammates, and even after the shocking loss he is retweeting positive news stories about the United boss.

But he could at least agree with everyone else who has watched United this season, and come out and use his platform to tell the truth. People don’t tune in to hear friends talk about friends. They want actual football analysis, and Neville is openly refusing to give any of any worth.

He gave out about the United player’s lack of effort on the pitch yesterday, but it’s him who needs to start trying a bit harder.

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