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Gary Neville speaks passionately about racism in football and the UK

gary neville racism

Boris Johnson has since responded to Neville’s comments this morning.

Gary Neville is being widely praised for his comments this morning on racism in football and in the UK in general.

The former England international has said that he is no longer surprised when footballers are racially abused, because it is so prevalent in society.

gary neville racism

He said that when Bukayo Saka walked up take the final penalty on Sunday night, he knew the abuse he would receive if he missed.

Gary Neville on racism in football

He said: “What did you expect? Two weeks ago we had a manager, who everybody in this country trusts. We had players, line up for five days on the bounce, telling us that they were taking the knee. Against racism, and to promote equality.

“We have high ranking ministers including the Prime Minister of this country say that it’s okay for our population to boo them for taking the knee against racism and promoting equality.

“If it starts at the top, what do you think is going to happen underneath? Why are we surprised by this anymore?

“When we get racist abuse after a football match at the end of a tournament, I expect it, unfortunately. Because it exists. It’s actually promoted by the Prime Minister, who said Muslim women look like leterboxes.”

This is in reference to a 2018 column Boris Johnson wrote for the Telegraph, where he described Muslim women as letterboxes.

Boris Johnson’s office responds to Gary Neville

Boris Johnson’s office has since replied to say that the Prime Minister wanted to see everyone “getting behind the team”, and that the abuse received by players is “appalling”.

“The Prime Minister set out this morning his response to some of the awful comments we’ve seen.

“He said this England team deserve to be lauded as heroes not racially abused on social media, those responsible for this appalling abuse should be ashamed of themselves.

“The PM was clear that he wanted to see everyone getting behind the team to cheer them on. He made that clear on the 11th, before England’s first game.”

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