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Gary Neville gets hits back up over Qatar criticism

gary neville qatar

He’s coming under fire and he’s not happy about it.

Gary Neville has hit out at those criticising him for going to Qatar and taking the country’s money for the World Cup.

Neville is working for both ITV and beIN Sport, as he does punditry and commentary on the international tournament.

Neville has faced quite a backlash for his decision to work in Qatar, largely due to the fact that he has taken quite a moral stance on similar matters in the past.

Speaking on ITV Sport on Monday, Neville said that there is a needless amount of criticism aimed at footballers instead of the likes of the Royal Family.

He used the example of the Royal Family, insisting that MPs in the UK also take money from Qatar for their political parties.

Gary Neville on Qatar World Cup

He said: “The fact that FIFA have awarded a World Cup to Qatar, in the last few weeks that has come under huge scrutiny. I accept that position, I’m there to be shot at and people have criticised me heavily. They have criticised our colleagues on the BBC yesterday for being over here.

“My view on it is quite simple. I detest worker’s rights abuses, I detest the fact that people aren’t being paid enough money, that people are working in poor conditions and don’t have good accommodation, the fact that women’s rights aren’t adhered to, or human rights abuses.

“I can’t stand it, but I also have relationships with this part of the world and have done for many years.

“Those relationships are longstanding in our country in the UK. We buy most of our energy from the Middle East, they own our banks, the royal family have relationships with the Middle East both sporting and charitable. Our government and political parties have relationships with the Middle East, they own Heathrow Airport and the London stock exchange.

“The fact is that it’s football and football tournaments that has brought the scrutiny on the challenges that exist in this part of the world. From my point of view, I’m happy to front that up.

“If Prince William doesn’t want to come to this tournament, but his father takes charitable donations, that’s fine. If the MPs don’t want to come over here but are happy to take money from them in our political parties, that’s fine.

“All I see is football and ex-footballers who seem to be coming under criticism. Form my point of view I have to say, I think that football stands up.”

This story isn’t going anywhere.

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