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Gary Neville joins Labour Party as career in politics is launched

Gary Neville politics

The start of something massive?

Gary Neville has officially launched his career in politics, and joined the Labour Party in the UK.

Neville has always been outspoken with his political beliefs, especially since his retirement, and he has been a vocal critic of the Conservative Party.

He was welcomed to the Labour Party by Annelise Dodds, Labour and Cooperative MP for Oxford, who said that it was “great” to have Neville on board.

MP Lucy Powell said the same, insisting he will “steam” through the world of politics, and that it has been in discussion for a while.

“It’s something he and I have been discussing for a while. Personally think he’s more than capable of navigating (well, steaming) his way through the world of politics! Look forward to helping.”

It’s believed Neville may consider running as Labour’s Greater Manchester mayoral candidate in 2024, a part of England where he will likely have a significant amount of support.

Gary Neville starts career in politics

Neville’s politics have consistently been most aligned with left-wing ideology, and he has never been afraid to share his beliefs while covering football on Sky Sports.

While doing coverage of one match, he said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson encourages racism with the way he talks, and most recently he called on him to resign.

He said: “This guy lacks integrity. He lies to us constantly. These mistruths that have come out are just constant. Not only that but he is the worst kind of leader.

“It’s not even about a party, or a social gathering. It’s about actually having a guy at the top of our country who believes he can take us on a ride and laugh at us.

“Now is the time to get this guy out of No. 10, and start bringing some standards back into politics.”

An official announcement from the Labour Party is expected shortly.

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